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I am a second generation dental lab technician.  When I was just 9yrs old, my father would hand me some old impressions to pour, pin, cut, and articulate.  This was to keep me from getting into trouble, like most boys that age sometimes do.  I never had any intention of doing this sort of work, in fact I sort of loathed it.  There was nothing more gross and boring than model work.  However, I was pretty good at it.


I worked with my father during the summers while in high school and college, and still I never generated the desire to continue with the dental lab business.  That all changed when my father had passed away suddenly.  I then discovered that he had taught me a skill over the years without me ever realizing.  I worked in a few dental labs since then, where I was able to piece together all the different lessons from my memories, which turned out to be very therapeutic.  Now, I can honestly say I love what I do.  Everything I do, whether it be pouring models, glazing porcelain, or flasking dentures, it all takes me back to sitting next to my dad everyday like when I was 9yrs old.


My father once said to me, "Son, I love what I do because my hard work helps people smile and feel good.  I help make the world a happier place."


I now know what he meant.  This is the focus and energy I put into my own work today.  

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